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Guitarist. Composer. Producer. Arranger. Educator
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Virtual lessons with Dean Brown..


  • My program focuses on practical ear training, practical theory (relativity), technique, and the psychology of great performance. No matter what style or genre of music you are interested in, I'm sure you will benefit from my tailor-made lessons.

  • It is my belief that having exceptional relative pitch is essential to being a good musician/improvisor.

  • Understanding how chords and scales relate to one another in a simple, elegant way can improve your playing by leaps and bounds, taking what you already know and learning how to use it in different, creative ways.

  • Paying a little attention to technique can go a long way to improving your time, feel and ability to express yourself.

  • Most importantly, the intense focus of a master improviser requires a mentality devoid of insecurity and negativity.

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional, understanding music to a greater degree can positively affect many aspects of your life as well as making you a better musician.

 I look forward to hearing from you about setting up some Live Zoom or Skype lessons.

There are a few different plans available from one time/"as you go" options to 4 or 10 lesson packages.

You can contact me HERE to secure your spot.
Happy practicing!

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